Project Description
Engentech managed a project for Anjur Ekar Sdn Bhd in May 2008. Engentech installed 4 units of 1000kW DG to synchronize to the main system for close transition at KLIA, MTB-A, MTB-B, STA-A & STA-B. Description of Project This is a new installation project for KLIA during the beginning of their project. The aim is to design an Auto Mains Failure (AMF) & Closed Transition System (CTS) Diesel Generator Backup System.
  1. The four (4) locations have the same design, which is one (1) Diesel Generator to backup one location Power Supply.
  2. In the case of any location encounter of the Mains Incoming Supply failure or interruption, our system will detect AMF function, and will call start the Diesel Generator on that location to backup supply to the location.
  3. Once the Diesel Generator supply is loaded, our system will play the role to protect the Diesel Generator in Electrical Protection.
  4. While the Mains Incoming Supply is being restored, our system will activate the CTS function, which will monitor the Mains Incoming Supply until it is confirmed stable; we will then synchronize the Diesel Generator with Mains Incoming Supply, followed by soft unloading from the Diesel Generator to Mains Incoming Supply.
  5. With such operations, the location / station will not suffer another interruption during the transferring back to Mains Incoming Supply, whilst the Diesel Generator is taken care with Soft Unloading to protect it from a sudden change of load to zero.
  Technical Specification For all synchronizing involved process, it will have a tight and safe sync check setting programmed in classed approved device which is Woodward Easygen 3200.
Project Details
ClientAnjur Ekar Sdn Bhd
DateMay 2008