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Project Description
Engentech managed 2 projects for Hertford MES Sdn Bhd in November 2012 and another in September 2013. For the first project in November 2012, Engentech ran an AVR testing & commissioning for BSDG (GF4) located at Kapar Energy Ventures Plant. For the second project in September 2013, Engentech upgraded the Generator Control of Semi Auto / Manual Synchronising & Protection for BSDG black Start. Description of Project
  1. The first project on Kapar Energy Venture Power Plant (KEV) Black Start Diesel Generator (BSDG) is to retrofit their old malfunction Excitation System to Basler DECS200.
    1. Old excitation system circuit is traced and checked, space to install new excitation system mounting plate is allocated and used to design the new excitation system circuit dimension.
    2. New Excitation System is Built and Factory Tested at the Engentech Workshop.
    3. Only two (2) days were spent on site to remove, install, rewire, and commission the new excitation system, with full support from KEV team.
    4. BSDG is now able to run, build up voltage and supply Turbine 8 & 9 load during black out incident or monthly load test purpose. The voltage is stable during monthly load test.
  2. The second project was initiated 1 year after excitation system is retrofitted. It is to upgrade the whole control panel for BSDG.
    1. Besides the Excitation System (just retrofit on Nov 2012), some OEM Monitoring Devices (Exhaust Temperature etc), all components are required to change to the new design.
    2. A PLC Base circuit design is decided for this project. A high level Generator Control Unit is implemented to control and monitor BSDG engine and alternator parameter.
    3. Engentech fulfilled the same operation philosophy of the old design to avoid confusion from operations. Thus all switches are remained at the panel.
    4. Control Relay is a direct function thus all logic is programmed in PLC. This has reduced the looping of wiring between the relays and has also removed unnecessary timer relay (which has been moved the function of timer into PLC). This means that if there is any logic that needs to be changed or bypassed, it only has to be in PLC, thus no more messy wiring.
    5. Full operation was tested, all signaling and sequence are commissioned successful.
Project Details
ClientHertford MES Sdn Bhd
DateSeptember 2013