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Ong Nyin Yun
Assistance Manager (Product & Solutions)
Ong Nyin Yun graduated with a Diploma in Electronic Engineering majoring in Communications. She has been with EnGenTech since 2007. Her work responsibilities include conducting sales and after service for Port, Marine Vessels, Oil & Gas and other general industries. To date, she has completed 7 projects including retrofitting of MX321 into AVC63-7 for North port (12 Units), servicing of 56G starter for GPP B, Astro HD improvement project, standard Panel Fabrication for Cummins Engine and many more.

Prior to joining EnGenTech, she was an M&E Supervisor in Road Builder (M) Sdn Bhd from 2002-2004 and from 2004 – 2007, she was an M&E Coordinator in Otofin Sdn Bhd and was later promoted to Assistant Service Manager.