Project Description
Engentech managed numerous projects for Powertek Energy Sdn Bhd and have successfully completed another one for Telok Gong 1 BSDG Governor System Retrofit. The project was kicked off in November 2014 and completed in May 2015. The project job scope includes designing, supplying, engineer, installation and commissioning to retrofit old Governor System (Regulateurs Europa) to new one (Woodward). Description of Project The BSDG (Black Start Diesel Generator) for TG1 has encountered some problems with the governor system for almost a year. When the client approached OEM of the original governor system, their response was for the client to upgrade their whole governor system, including the Actuator and some mechanical parts. Hence, Engentech deployed a team of engineers to survey the governor system, and concluded that Engentech was able to offer services to retrofit only the governor system in BSDG Control Panel. The client managed to reduce cost, time lead, and was able to source new governor system which is compatible with the original actuator. It also eases their future planning when they want to get BSDG in service as soon as possible, as well as they are able to get the local support whenever they need within days. Overall, Engentech designed, supplied, engineered, installed, and commissioned the retrofitting of the old Panglima Power Station TG1 BSDG Governor System (Regulateurs Europa, Viking 22) to a new one (Woodward 2301E) within short period. Testing and commissioning was successful and the BSDG was able to take 100% of load.   Technical Specifications: Challenge faced:
  1. Regulateurs Europa governor system Viking 22 is not a pure governor system; it is actually a combined basic generator control with the governor system. The new system needed to have a separate basic generator control and governor system in order to cover all functions in the old governor system.
  2. The biggest challenge was the fact that the governor output that actuator accepts is 0-1Adc, which is very unique in the governor system field. The signal converter for 0-1Adc was not able to be obtained from the market.
How we solved this challenge:
  1. We designed to have the Woodward Easygen 2500 to cover the basic generator control function, and Woodward 2301E to cover the governor system.
  2. We designed a special signal converter only for this project to link between the new governor system (Woodward 2301E) with the existing Regulateurs Europa actuator 2221.
During Testing & Commissioning, it is confirmed that the special designed signal converter worked fine to control the3 existing Regulateurs Europa actuator 2221 by using Woodward 2301E. BSDG is now able to perform monthly free load test / on load test easily from the new system. During the On Load Test, the BSDG will be synchronized into the Grid and maintained at a fixed setpoint of load level, depending on the operator control speed setpoint, based on accurate droop calculation by Woodward 2301E.
Project Details
ClientPanglima Power Station
DateNovember 2014