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Project Description
Engentech managed a project for Sandakan Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, a client of Powerco Trading (KK) Sdn Bhd in . The project job scope includes Complete Power System Changeover, integration of the Backup Diesel Generator Control System, Synchronization of the Turbine Generator and Load Control System. The new system benefited the client as it reduced unplanned plant shutdowns caused by utility power surge. The implemented system also reduced waste production from unplanned shutdowns, reduction in fuel consumption of the diesel generator, and reduction of the utility charges as it maximized the in-house turbine generator output. Description of Project
  1. Power System Changover (4 nos of ATS)
    1. Each ATS works as an independent unit to changeover between the In-house generation source (Diesel Generator & Turbine Generator) and the Utility source (SESB).
    2. A centralized control system to control each ATS was implemented in order for the (4) ATS to not conflict with each other. Failing so, it may cause the in-house generation source to suffer from surge overload and trip the entire plant.
  1. Backup Diesel Generator Control System
    1. Each generator is equipped with a complete generator control, synchronizer, load share, power management functions device, which is also linked to the said Centralize Control System.
    2. With the centralize control system, the ATS above can transfer load from the utility source to an in-house source or vice-versa without interruption; whilst still maintaining the Soft Loading feature that won’t overload the in-house generator.
    3. A power management feature that allows four (4) Diesel Generators to start up automatically and synchronized to bus whenever the plant load has exceeded the setpoint value. This will minimize the scenario of plant shutdowns due to an overload of the in-house generator. Further to that, when the plant load drops to the programmed setpoint, it will cease the use of unnecessary generators to maximize the efficiency of the diesel generator over fuel consumption. This feature saves a lot of fuel consumption creating an excess in reserve power condition. The added advantage of the system is that every action mentioned above is done automatically!
  1. Turbine Generator Control System
    1. The In-house steam turbine generator can be synchronized to bus to uptake some load and reduce the diesel generator power consumption. This results in lower power consumption by Diesel Generators.
    2. N+1 or Standalone mode can be selected. N+1 refers to at least one diesel generator being parallel with the turbine. In the scenario whereby the turbine generator suffers from unplanned drop in the steam pressure which can cause the turbine generator to lose its generating input power, the diesel generator will always be the backup until the steam pressure recovers. Standalone mode allows the plant to maximize output from the turbine generator and minimize the usage of diesel generator. This is a fuel saving mode as long as the steam pressure control is at a confident level.
    3. Turbine Generator Control System also comes with the Back Pressure Control Mode, Base Load Control Mode, and Manual Control Mode (Droop). The Operator can choose and select the appropriate control which is important for the maintenance of the turbine during its operation. This flexibility allows the Operator to operate the turbine with more ease and efficiency.
  1. Centralize Control System combines all the above mentioned systems and solutions for a complete plant Power System. In addition, it collects all the data from different systems that include status, measurement, system parameters, alarm status and etc. All these information will be collected by SCADA for the purpose of high level control, monitor, analyze, and retrieval on the power system.
  1. SCADA installed on site is with dual monitor screens which allow operators to monitor key parameters of the power system and overall single line of power flow. It can keep up to 5 years’ worth of data including trending of measurement in Graph Format, Event and Alarm Logger.
  Technical Specifications:
  1. All synchronization process will have a tight and safe sync check setting programmed in classed approved device (Woodward Easygen 3200).
  2. All Control System Cubical comes with one nos of 24Vdc UPS, which is a safety feature to control the system from shutting down during total black out.
  3. SCADA Work Station comes with one nos of 220Vac, which prevents the work station from shutting down during total black out.
Project Details
ClientSandakan Edible Oils Sdn Bhd