Project Description
Engentech managed a project for Pansar Engineering Services Sdn Bhd in May 2014. The project job scope includes designing, supplying, engineer, installation and commissioning of the 8MW Wartsila Diesel Generator Control & Protection system in Bintulu. This project was a special one as the Black Start Diesel Generator for Turbine #7 and #8 has been out of service for a few years. There was no organization in the market that was confident to take up the challenge to retrofit the Wartsila 3.8MW 1500RPM Diesel Generator except for Engentech. The project was successfully implemented. Description of Project
  1. Site survey was conducted and all necessary information was collected for new panel design and method of installation and dismantling was considered.
  2. Full new design drawing was generated to cover all signals, sequence, logic, auxiliary, and functions that was required to run up the generator and its protection.
  3. The new Control Panel is fabricated, wired up, in-house tested, and FAT witnessed by the end user. Only after confirmation, all designs were as per contract; otherwise it would be modified at the in-house workshop, before delivered to site.
  4. The new control panel takes care on all existing sensors on engine, which is 43 units in total, remotely via a Sensor Box. It is installed near the engine canopy, stainless steel with IP 65. All sensors are tested and calibrated by SIRIM Malaysia to confirm that they are working properly. For those malfunction sensors, they are replaced with new ones. After installation and wire up sensors to sensor box, each sensor is then verified one by one before engine runs.
  5. For all start stop signals, external command, CCR signals, switchgear command and status, these are hardwired to the control panel, and was verified signal by signal to confirm all functions are working well.
  6. The old excitation system is also upgraded to a new high level excitation system, the Allen Bradley CGCM. It provides a more comprehensive function, rapid response, and more informative on excitation system to the Operator.
  7. System has been commissioned for Auto start, Soft Ramping on Speed, Soft Ramping on Voltage, Dead Bus Detection prior to close BSDG Circuit Breaker, Synchronizing Function onto Turbine #7 and #8 bus, Back Sync Function to Turbine #7 or #8 Circuit Breaker, Monthly Routine Start, Aux Routine Running.
  8. Hi Level Multifunction Protection Relay is also calibrated by our team to confirm that protection scheme of BSDG is always ready to protect the generator.
Project Details
ClientPansar Engineering Services Sdn Bhd
DateMay 2014