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Project Description
Engentech managed a project for TNB Repair and Maintenance Sdn Bhd on September 2010. The project job scope includes Supply, Installation, Testing & Commission of DECS 200 for Wartsila Diesel Engine at Tioman. The client has benefited from a successful project implementation. It has been 5 years since the installation and commissioning with no problems arising from the sets. Description of Project Upgraded 2 nos of TNB Pulau Tioman on the 3.8MW Diesel Generator Excitation System
  1. Engentech replaced the old excitation system of both generators which is now obsolete from the market, to a new digital system which yields faster response time with more features and with an LCD Screen Excitation System.
  2. The new unit is installed at the front door while base plate remains in the panel mounting compartment. The Operator can now view the generator excitation parameter, measurement, as well as the operation data with ease.
  3. The new system has additional features such as the ‘Soft Start Up’. When the Generator is starting up, DECS200 will build up voltage only when the speed is ramped to rated value (11kW in this case) with a constant slope ramp rate. This will prevent the excitation system from any voltage overshoot during start up.
  4. The other new feature is the more precise control and Var sharing. Thanks to the latest technology of CPU chips, a better response from recovering voltage during sudden load on or off can be achieved, leading to a result of generator voltage being almost linearly stable at rated voltage during any loading circumstances. Various of Var Sharing can be selected for different parallel configuration. It can be Droop Mode (basic), Var Control Mode, PF Control Mode or Compensation Droop Share. Another advantage of the system is that during the transfer of mode (example from droop to PF Control), it can be smoothly transferred without any changing of setpoint, even when the generator is running or loading. This function is achieved by internal tracking feature of DECS200.
  5. The system also has the Optional FCR Mode. In any incident whereby the fuse of the generator drops, loose cable, PT short to DECS200, the system will detect a loss in sensors. Immediately it will enter into FCR Mode (Field Current Regulation) which allows the plant to continue running the generator without shutting down the plant or generator.
  6. Engentech guarantees availability of ready parts to be replaced if any are faulty or the excitation system malfunctions. Client may opt to keep a ready programmed unit on site especially for those areas which are difficult to access.
Project Details
ClientTNB Repair and Maintenance Sdn Bhd
DateSeptember 2010