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Project Description
Engentech managed a project for Tractors Petroleum Services Sdn Bhd in December 2011. The project job scope was to upgrade the EDG Control System at Puteri Platform. Description of Project
  1. The original design of the initial EDG control system was only acting as a back up to the Essential Bus during Mains GT down time; whilst the non-essential bus will not be taken care by the EDG control system. Also, the coupler Breaker cannot be closed by the EDG Control System as well.
  2. The upgraded Control System allows the EDG to supply to non-essential Bus by closing the Bus Coupler Breaker. In addition to that, the new Control System also has an additional new feature that will flash the operator is to load test the EDG, whether momentary or permanently, sharing load with GT.
    1. The function of the new Control System is to enable the Coupler Breaker. It is not an automatic function; instead, it acts as a trigger which will be activated by the Operator, whereby the Operator is responsible to confirm that the total load does not exceed EDG Capacity before the Operator commands the Control System to enable the Coupler Breaker.
    2. By enabling the Coupler Breaker, after the GT restore the supply, the GT will synchronize with bus and the mentioned EDG System will enter the Load Test Mode (kindly see below for the load test mode explanation)
    3. This is also to cover some design faults or critical load misplacement on non-essential bus. Otherwise, the GT can never start by only supplying to essential bus.
    4. As for the Load Test Mode with new system’s functionality, the EDG can permanently synchronize with the GT, able to be fixed with certain load level (this is configurable), to either test EDG Performance, or to protect Bus Supply in case the GT faces problem in the process, or during planned shutdown but blackout or interruption, which is not desired.
    5. The New Control System has more features and is able to cover more scenario of power system in terms of recovery, planned shutdown activity, or EDG Capability testing.
Project Details
ClientTractors Petroleum Services Sdn Bhd
DateDecember 2011