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Project Description
Engentech gained a great opportunity to work on a project for Wazlina Sdn Bhd in October 2012. The main scope of work for this project is to design and to build a complete AC Switching Panel with Generator bank; which comes fully with an auto Fuel Control System for 3 units of generators both with the rating of 500 Kilowatts (for 2 units) and 350 Kilowatts (for 1 unit). This system was incorporated with a Solar Hybrid System. Therefore, the AC Switching Panel was sized with the total rating of 5000 Amp. With the switching panel, it is sufficient to cater for 2 outgoing Feeder with the rating of 2500 Amp each. Description of Project
  1. Generator Bank (Generator Control System)
The Generator Control System is managed and protected by 3 units of Control Module which works individually, thus having the advantage of not failing completely if one module dysfunctions. These modules are equipped with full features for operating the generator start/ stop philosophy, all critical protection for the generator, Synchronizing and Load Sharing feature and last but not least, the function for Load Dependent Start Stop (LDSS). The Generator Bank is required to start up 3 generators and will be synchronized to a bus on standby when the IS (Inverter System) require backup power for charging the battery system or supply to the grid. Once the generators are supplying the power, the Control Module will perform constant monitoring on the desired outgoing load. With the LDSS feature, the Control Module will decide when and which unit to be stopped especially when the load is low. On the other hand, the generators will start-up again when the loads are high, whilst the system reserves a 65% percent of overall capacity.
  1. Automatic Fuel Control System
The Automatic Fuel Control System is designed to be ‘operator –free’ for the convenience and easy daily routine usage. The system is responsible for diesel refilling into each bulk tank for all generators, this include monitoring and acting as an alarm for the complete fuel system, such as motor over load protection, pump pressure, skid tank levels, bulk tank levels, and valve jam. In any case of fault detection, the control system will decide and switch to the spare unit to continue operation without any hold up on the system for the critical refilling process. The advantage of using this system is that it is able to provide some time for the operator to travel into the site for further investigation should there be any fault detected.
Project Details
ClientWazlina Sdn Bhd
DateJuly 10