Ivy Yong

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Loh Kuok Chung

Loh Kuok Chung graduated with a Degree in Electronic Engineering from Universiti Sains Malaysia. He has various experiences in the R&D field. In the span of his career, he has accumulated 3 years of experience with process integration in wafer fab, 3 years of experience with mechanical and electrical control system in the marine field [...]

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Joseph Lim Chee Eng

Lim Chee Eng is a graduate in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Bradford. His career with EnGenTech (M) Sdn Bhd started in 2008 as a Service Engineer. He plays an important role as a System Integrator for Electronic Control System (Synchronization, Power Management, Load Shedding), Governor System, Excitation System (Automatic Voltage Regulation) [...]

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