Engentech Group of Companies is committed in providing world class international standards in power generation technology and engineering solutions. Besides a complete solution on Electrical Control Systems, we also provide numerous Engineering Services that will cater to the needs of every respective client.

These various services include Electrical Control System Training (High Speed Bus Transfer, Synchronization, Auto Load Transfer, Closed Transition Transfer and many more), Governor System Training and Excitation System Training.

All our training covers both the theory application and hands on practice lessons in our workshop. Our workshops are conducted based on a complete simulation and demonstration of the said system.

Other than providing valuable training to our clients, Engentech is proud to share that we have a very experienced and capable team to provide our clients with the utmost service and support. Our team is fully equipped to perform the following procedures:

  • Protection Relay Calibration (new installation or recalibration)
  • Secondary injection test of equipment
  • Consultation of new or retrofit system which are suitable and the design is customizable to fit our client’s requirement
  • Troubleshooting of electrical control system
  • Maintenance of electrical control system; and other engineering related services (technical support via phone, email, and etc.)

We are equipped with several advanced, accurate, up-to-date, calibrated, and recognized tools such as Injector, Calibrator, Meter, Oscillographer, Thermo Imaging Camera, Software, etc, to help us perform the above task in the most professional way. With such complete in-house tools, we are able to provide clients with a more accurate result, acceptance of report, and reliability of problem pinpointing, to correctly solve or to be fulfilled within a very short period.

Here at the Engentech Group of Companies, we believe in technology advancement and therefore we have been putting a lot of effort to invest in new tools or software, whenever needed, in order to provide better services to our clients.

We are proud to say that our team has also obtained a great number of safety passport and / or safety requirements to enter most premises in Malaysia.

That includes Oil & Gas sector (NIOSH OGSP, BOSET, Valid Oil & Gas Medical Report, LPS Training, Mercury Training etc), Power Plant (NIOSH TNB, CIDB), Telekom (NIOSH TM, CIDB), and other safety passports such as North Port Pass, West Port Pass, and other normal industry safety requirements.

With the above capabilities and strengths, we at the Engentech Group of Companies are ready to serve our clients with our best knowhow and integrity by promising to deliver optimal results and ensuring customer satisfaction.