Lim Tun Chin


Lim Tun Chin graduated with an Advance Diploma in Marine Engineering. He later obtained a professional qualification from the Marine Engineer Office of Maritime and Port Authority.

He has numerous years of experience including 10 years being on board an ocean vessel managing the operations and maintenance of all ship board, propulsion plant equipment, power generation plant (diesel and stim) and boiler (including all others ship board and auxiliary equipment). Besides this, he clocks in 3 years of experience with mechanical and electrical control system and 7 years of experience with power up management system, design engineering and servicing.

He has also attended various class training since 2007 to further expand his understanding and experience. Training covers areas such as Generators and Power Generation, Diesel Generator & Auto Synchronization Technology and High Speed Motor Bus Transfer.

He has also shared his knowledge generously with the team by conducting a training on Power Generation Control Solutions.

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